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Wind in the Willows

Show Information
Adapted by: Heather Nisbett-Loewenstein
Music by: Vaughn Schultz
Run Time: 40 mins.
Target Age: 2-5th grade
Maximum Audience: 400
Curriculum: Literature, music, art, theatre.

More car crashes than Nascar! Mr.. Toad can’t get enough of those new fangled motorcars and ooohhh the trouble he gets into! Mr. Mole, Mr. Rat and Mr. Badger take it upon themselves to try and turn that Toad around ,  as friends always should , in a fast paced musical based on the classic tale by Kenneth Grahame. Bunraku puppets and interactive fun .

What We Need
Staging: 20 X 20 x8'h

Raised stage or floor level
Electrical: One 110 outlet

Indoors only

Pricing dependent on number of performances, season and travel expenses. Please call or contact us for more information and booking specials.

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