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Show Information
Created  by: Heather Nisbett-Loewenstein
Run Time:  25  mins.
Target Age:  All ages

Maximum Audience: 500
Curriculum:  Social Studies- Irish culture, art, drama,music 

Travel to the mystical isle of Ireland in this Celtic cabaret marionette and rod puppet show. Dance a jig with leprechauns as dragons fly over head in the audience. Come stir the pot and see what happens. Fairies, mermaids, selkies and shamrocks with traditional and contemporary music will have your toes tapping and your face smiling.

A perfect addition to Irish Festivals and St. Patrick day celebrations.

What We Need
Staging:  16'x16'X8'H

Raised stage is needed for best visibility 
Electrical: One 110 outlet
A fog machine is used in this production. 


Pricing dependent on number of performances, season and travel expenses. Please call or contact us for more information and booking specials

The Magic Cauldron

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