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Yes we are ready to bring a wide variety of shows and performances to your space be it an indoor or outdoor event, school assembly, private theater, festival, library or private party.

Below you will find a list of shows we are currently offering with a link to more information on each. Each page will give you a description of the show along with such information as who wrote it, how long it is, what age group it is appropriate for and much more. You will also find the requirements and resources for each. (See below}

StoneLion Puppet Theatre is on the move and coming to you!

Backyard Buggin Blue Fish Down the Drain The Emperor Penquin's New Clothes Fun in the Sun It's a Jungle Out There Kachina Drums Monkey's Dream The Ogre's Tail The Magic Cauldron Twas The Night Before Christmas Twas ETC Snow Boneyard Jambo

Some of our shows have companion workshops that can be held along with the shows. These optional workshops are designed to reinforce the objective of the show and are an extra fee on top of the cost of the show by itself.


The requirements for each show listed are the minimum stage dimensions, if it needs to be raised or not and if it can be presented indoors only or if it can also play outdoors. Electrical needs for the show are also shown. Some shows have special needs listed in the area. These are the bare requirements needed from you to present the show.

Some shows have study guides or press available for them that can be downloaded.

Pricing dependent on number of performances, season and travel expenses. Please call or contact us for more information and booking specials.

I'd rather be a humming bird Calaca Marionettes SEASONAL SHOWS Bubba and Trixie The Toy Box Tumbling Weeds Who's in Rabbit's House Wind in the Willows Backyard Buggin Starry Starry Night The Little Red Hen's Garden Backyard Buggin The Great Race Brand new show