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Based on Workshops in Nakai, Lao PDR and Thanh Hoa, Vietnam February and March 2017
Written by Shari L. Wilson, Project Central Heather Nisbett Loewenstein, StoneLion Puppet Theatre

Hands Across the Waters: Keeping a Clean Environment through Art and
Green Schools Training Booklet for Educators

THE PROJECT In February and March 2017, through a grant provided by the Lower Mekong Initiative of the U.S.
Embassy Bangkok, StoneLion Puppet Theatre and Project Central traveled to Nakai, Lao PDR, and Thanh Hoa,
Vietnam, to work with teachers and other partners to develop art activities that teach environmental sustainability
concepts. Each workshop was tailored to the environmental issues of most concern in each country: biodiversity and
clean water in Lao PDR, and waste management, clean water, and sustainable schools in Vietnam.

This Training Booklet for Educators includes the presentations given at both workshops, as well as many of the art and
Green School activities presented by StoneLion and Project Central. Where possible we have included the art activities
developed by the teachers attending each workshop.

Working with the teachers and local partners on this project has been immensely rewarding and has given
us a great appreciation for the efforts made to teach children in Lao PDR and Vietnam. Learning from our
colleagues and making lifelong friendships has been a life changing experience, which we are sharing with
others through continued presentation of the puppet show "Reflections," created specifically for this project,
this Training Booklet for Educators, and other opportunities to share our experiences.

THIS PROJECT IS BEING REPLICATED IN UKRAINE IN 2018 sponsored by the U.S State Department. If you would like,
we can bring a version to you. Please message Heather through this website to begin a conversation.

Training Booklet for Educators Part 2 Activities Training Booklet for Educators Part 1 Presentation and Resources