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It’s a Jungle Out There

Show Information

25 minutes

Recommended for PS-Family

Audience of up to 500

Join Felicia Flash, wildlife photographer, and her side-kick, Karma the

elephant introduce you to dozens of endangered species and wildlife

from across the globe in this cabaret musical extravaganza.

Orangutans, Javanese tigers, binturongs and gibbons swing to the beat of the

music while hornbills and dog-faced fruit bats fly into the audience.

Intricate marionettes, fun mouth puppets and even a life-size bear sing about conservation.

Jungle is part of StoneLion’s animal conservation series which has played since 1986 in zoos across the country including Zoo

Atlanta, Cheyenne Mountain, CO, Kansas City, MO and Metro Washington Park, OR. Metro-Washington Park in OR and thousands of schools and festivals.

What We Need

Space requirement of 16'x16'x9’H

Raised stage required

One standard electrical outlet

Indoors or out


Pricing dependent on number of performances, season and travel expenses. Please call or contact us for more information and booking specials.

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