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I’d Rather Be a

Show Information
Adapted by: Heather Nisbett-Loewenstein
Music by: Jack Sharman
Run Time: 40 mins.
Target Age: PS-4th grade
Maximum Audience: 400
Curriculum: Environmental Science, music, art, theatre.

Teaching Guide available.

Based on the folktale by Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai "The Tree Lady of Kenya."


Sometimes problems seem too big or overwhelming for one individual to make a difference.  Little Nigel the beaver is learning the work of the big beavers when disaster strikes in the form of a  forest fire. All the creatures of the forest run away or stand panic stricken waiting for someone else to solve the problem. Only the little hummingbird dares to help. Nigel learns he wants to be like the hummingbird and do the best he can no matter the size of the problem.in this musical adaptation using local species; beaver, gees, bears and more. This local rendition of the African tale is an homage to the fact Wangari Maathai studied environmentalism in Kansas before returning to Kenya.

Optional Companion Workshop: Hummingbird rod puppets. Additional fee required.

What We Need
Staging: 16'x16'x9'H
Electrical: One 110 outlet
A fog machine is used in this production.

Pricing dependent on number of performances, season and travel expenses. Please call or contact us for more information and booking specials.

Student & Teacher Handouts

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Curriculumn Standards

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